Shop Local in Atlanta for Last Minute Gifts


Found out you have a last minute Secret Santa exchange? Or you've procrastinated again and again and again...

Here are our top Atlanta local shops to find those perfect last-minute gifts.

Hunter Collective

Located in Buckhead, this is a one-stop shop for the fashionista in your life. Hunter Collective has everything from delicate jewelry to statement accessories, and everything in between (can you say feathered heels?). Shop here

ICE Pop-Up Shop

ICE, aka Indie Craft Experience, is one of the most popular pop-ups in the South. With TONS of local vendors and unique gifts for everyone, you can’t go wrong. This year, they’ve popped up in Little Five Points, and have over 40 artists booths on site! More info here.

Young Blood Boutique

Always one of our favorites, YBB is another local shop with items for every budget, as well as items you can splurge on for that special someone! They sell beauty, bags, jewelry, cards, metal work, candles, and so much more. Check them out here.

Waiting on Martha Home

This shop is carefully curated by Instagram influencer & blogger Mandy Kellogg Rye + her team. Get ready to feel inspired. They have the perfect gifts for the simply un-giftable people in your life. Located in Vinings (North ATL), it’s a great shop for you OTP folks. Learn more about them here.

Travel Blog: L.A.

Taking a trip to the West Coast anytime soon? One of our birds, Tatum, created some must-see places in Los Angeles! Check it out below.

Stop One: Rancho Palos Verdes

If you go to California and don’t see the beach, I’m going to assume you’re a robot. My first stop in the LA area was the beautiful cliffs of Rancho Palos Verdes. There’s truly nothing like driving past million dollar houses and day-dreaming about living there one day. If you can, sneak away to one of the visitor lots and whale watch (I saw two humpback whales, and it’s not even migrating season)!

Stop Two: The Happy Place Museum 

This one is on a time crunch, as it’s a pop-up museum, but they have these sort of exhibits all year-round! Think of it as Instagram heaven. Every room you enter is a new backdrop for the perfect profile pic or boomerang on your Instagram Story. At the end of the museum, immediately head to their food truck for a RAINBOW. GRILLED. CHEESE. Need I say more?

Stop Three: Little Damage Ice Cream Parlor

Right in the middle of Downtown LA lies another Instagram famous location for their famous black-charcoal ice cream cone! I opted for the “Unicorn Tears” ice-cream with a charcoal cone (aka birthday cake ice-cream with a chocolatey cone)! This brings us to our fourth stop…


Stop Four: Perch Rooftop Bar

Guys. This was hands down the coolest part of my trip. Happy Hour on a rooftop overlooking Los Angeles during sunset?! It was in actual heaven. Enjoy affordable appetizers & cocktails (the Penicillin was my fav) with a celebrity status view. Enjoy!

Lastly - Make sure to help out our brothers & sisters struggling with the Southern California fires. Wondering how you can support the fire evacuees and fire department? Head to, or

Atlanta's Best Holiday Cocktails

#repost drinkup_atlanta_preview.png

’Tis the season. For what you may ask? Cocktails. We did some “research” on the best spots to find holiday cocktails so you don’t have to! 

PURE Taqueria

First came the Pumpkin Spice Margarita, a huge favorite of ours. Then came the Holiday Spice Margarita. It’s the delicious sister margarita you never knew you needed. You may think to yourself, “tequila for the holidays”? Yes. Thank us later.

Whiskey Bird

Sharing is caring this holiday season. Whiskey Bird’s “Punch for Two” makes it easy. Made with bourbon, blueberry and bubbly…it’s the perfect combo to make your spirit’s bright. 


Rum Toddy, Warm Mulled Wine, a crazy tropical egg nog… pretty much any holiday concoction you can think of, their bartenders are making it. Not to mention their food. One word: PERFECTION. 

Monday Night Brewing

Okay, okay, so not a cocktail, but they had to make the cut. Their newest location, The Garage, specializes in making sours that are to die for! Our holiday pick: the Cinnamon Cocoa Drafty Kilt. Oh yes.

Double Zero

A sister restaurant to the Iberian Pig, they have some beautifully made cocktails make you all warm and fuzzy inside. The “It’ll Fix Wassail-ing You” is served hot, made with cider, cognac, and spices… YUM. Another fav, the “Rusty Cage”, made with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and heaven. 

Gift Guide for the Social Media Lover


Girlfriend can’t seem to put down her phone? Mom a sharing all your embarrassing pictures from high school on Facebook? Brother a little TOO into his Instagram Stories? 

Here’s our ultimate Gadget Gift Guide for the Social Media lover in your family (& everything is under $25)!


Functional AND personal! With about every design you can think of, as well as personalized options, this a great stocking stuffer for any friend. They range from $10-15, so they won’t break the bank either!

Clip-On Ring Light

Get your friend’s selfie game to the next level! These portable lights are amazing to clip onto your phone in dim-light situations for the perfect selfie-shot. Pro-tip: Every foodie we know uses them to take photographs of their meals indoors! 

Phone Lenses

Aspiring photographer in the family? This is the perfect starter kit for phone photography. Clip-on lenses are easy to slip into your pocket or purse, then take incredible snapshot that look like they came from a DSLR camera. Plus: this set comes with an attachable LED light! 


Cheesy, yes. Useful, YES. As a group that loves to travel, selfie-sticks are great for getting the perfect group shot while in a scenic area. We found this one with built-in bluetooth control! Put down that pride, and take some wicked photos. 

5 Top Places to Shop this Black Friday


1. Amazon: Let’s be real, nothing is better than staying in the comfort of your own home while getting some amazing deals. Their electronic deals are especially wonderful, with huge savings on their Alexas and Kindles. Just search and click, it’s all in the wrist!

2. Costco + Sam’s Club: Buying in bulk is already a deal. Add Black Friday deals into the mix, and you’re golden this holiday season! *Just make sure you’re not waiting to get a membership the day of!

3. CVS Pharmacy + Rite Aid: This may be a wild card, but hear us out. While they aren’t just pharmacies, they are KEY places to get beauty, small gifts, and gift cards! We heard there will be tons of BOGO deals this Black Friday… You know you have one on your street.

4. Target:  Oh Target, with their tricky “I’m just going to buy toothpaste” when in reality you walk out with new boots, a lamp, seven candles, and no toothpaste. While there will be more foot traffic here, more than likely you won’t need to go anywhere else.

5. PURE Taqueria + Adelene Simple Cloth
You don’t think we forgot about our awesome clients, did ya? PURE’s having 30% off gift cards, and Adelene Simple Cloth is offering 20-40% off site-wide through Cyber Monday! Ready, Set. Shop!


We Have Big News to Share

After months of planning, we’re thrilled to share some exciting news with you!

For over 6 years we have been proud to help restaurants, events, non-profits, retail stores, real estate developments and more develop PR and digital strategy that authentically speak to their goals. BOFCreative remains devoted to creating an exciting customer experience and we are looking forward to continuing the work of our agency for many years to come. Now it’s time to add a new focus to the BOFCreative family. 

We’re so excited to announce Be Consulting, our newest branch of BOFCreative. Be Consulting is focused on building digital marketing campaigns that inspire social good while helping organizations with incredible missions lift their voice above the digital noise. Be Consulting will build and develop a digital marketing roadmap for organizations to implement while BOFCreative will continue to create and manage social media content.

We’re passionate about organizations with big hearts and ambitious missions. It isn’t always easy to make a positive impact, especially when you may not know where to start with crafting or delivering your message. We want to change that. Through brand development, social media strategy, and staff training, we’re helping the companies that do good so the world can do better.

BOFCreative will continue to produce exceptional social media content and digital PR services for busy entrepreneurs looking to strengthen their online presence. Through Be Consulting, we’re looking forward to helping organizations all over the world find their unique community through effective digital marketing and storytelling that sparks social change. At the core, we believe your digital marketing strategy should authentically reflect the vision and heart of each company. We can’t wait to help tell the stories of organizations we admire most. 

Don’t miss a thing. Read our blog at, like us on Facebook and check-in on LinkedIn.  


Christina + Jessi

Make Monday the Best Day of the Week

Art by  R.Land  at Folk Art

Art by R.Land at Folk Art

New week, fresh start. We're those strange people who love Mondays and get excited about a full to-do list. Here are some ways we take a Manic Monday and turn it into the most productive day of the week:

1) Tunes.

The right playlist can completely turn your mood around. Play something new and exciting, or throw it back to some 80’s pop. Our favorite tip: Head to a friends profile and pick one of their playlists to brighten your day. 

2) Try something new.

Treat yourself to that crazy new Starbucks beverage or the new lunch spot across the street. Straying away from your “norm” is the best way to get out of your mundane Monday life. It can be as simple as sitting in a new spot at the office or checking out all of the memes you missed over the weekend before diving into your emails.  

3) Take a break.

Believe it or not, breaks are the key to having a productive work day. Break out of your busy brain every now and then by taking a quick walk around the block, catching up with a buddy, or simply finding time to eat without any technology around you.

4) Get creative.

We all love our routines. Mix it up a little. Get the project you’ve been putting off done first thing. Find a different way of accomplishing your daily goals. If you can’t think of anything, the easiest thing to do is ask a friend what they’re routine is and swap! It gets your creative juices flowing and your brain will be functioning better than ever.

Social Media Halloween Costumes

Need a few last minute Halloween costume ideas? Take a pop culture cue from social media and let the compliments roll in at the parties this weekend.

Someone in your apartment taking up all the Wifi and you get stuck with a half-loaded image? Go as this first-world-problem. It’s an easy one as long as you have some paint (and don’t itch your face)!

A PERFECT group costume. All you need are some plain colored tees, some tulle, and cardboard paper! Go the extra mile by adding your own tag or profile name, or throw it WAY back to Myspace and Xanga!

Go as “Hashtag Blessed”, “Hashtag Foodie”, “Hashtag Selfie” or anything in between. This is another great one to do as a group!


Take the dog-filter costume a step up by making an iPhone with the Snapchat app opened! Find a cardboard box, invite a couple friends, and it’s as easy as that.