What Your Favorite Instagram Font Says About Your Personality

Whether you know it or not, your Instagram stories can tell your followers a lot about your personality. The photos and videos you share give a glimpse into your day to day life, but what does your text choice say? Keep reading to find out what your favorite font on Instagram says about you! 













Staying Organized in 2018

Photo: BOFCreative

Photo: BOFCreative

Clutter, unnecessary stress, & messy scheduling tools. It’s time to get back on track. Here are some tips on how to stay organized all year long.

1) Wake up early:

This is probably the hardest one for most people, but it makes such a difference in your work ethic for the day. Get yourself a large coffee, sit down, and prioritize your day. Starting the day off on the right foot allows everything to fall into place much more smoothly. 

2) Keep a color-coordinated calendar: 

If you don’t already have a calendar up and running, stop everything and do it now. It can be a hand-written calendar, a Google Calendar, or anything in-between. If you choose to take the hand-written route, make it a sort-of “to-do” list, while you also prioritize your daily tasks. With an online calendar, make sure you connect events to your phone so you receive updates on the spot! 

3) Simplify: 

Clean out your computer bag, desk, and even your car. Start with a clean slate to ensure that all triggers of stress stay off your plate. Have a list of less than 5 things that you need to start your work day, including things like your calendar, your computer, a camera or iPad, your phone, and a to-go cup for extra coffee consumption. 

4) Delegate: 

You can’t possibly do everything yourself. Ask for help. You would be surprised by how supported you feel when you delegate responsibilities amongst your team. After prioritizing your day, divide it up into smaller lists per person, that way your plate seems a little less full. This also helps create trust among your team, as everyone has each other’s backs!

5) Maintain:

If you maintain control of these everyday organization tools, you won’t have to do as much “catch-up” work in the future, meaning less work in the long haul. Letting small things fall to the wayside can lead to stressful days of make-up work, and avoiding days like those is key.

Shop Local in Atlanta for Last Minute Gifts


Found out you have a last minute Secret Santa exchange? Or you've procrastinated again and again and again...

Here are our top Atlanta local shops to find those perfect last-minute gifts.

Hunter Collective

Located in Buckhead, this is a one-stop shop for the fashionista in your life. Hunter Collective has everything from delicate jewelry to statement accessories, and everything in between (can you say feathered heels?). Shop here

ICE Pop-Up Shop

ICE, aka Indie Craft Experience, is one of the most popular pop-ups in the South. With TONS of local vendors and unique gifts for everyone, you can’t go wrong. This year, they’ve popped up in Little Five Points, and have over 40 artists booths on site! More info here.

Young Blood Boutique

Always one of our favorites, YBB is another local shop with items for every budget, as well as items you can splurge on for that special someone! They sell beauty, bags, jewelry, cards, metal work, candles, and so much more. Check them out here.

Waiting on Martha Home

This shop is carefully curated by Instagram influencer & blogger Mandy Kellogg Rye + her team. Get ready to feel inspired. They have the perfect gifts for the simply un-giftable people in your life. Located in Vinings (North ATL), it’s a great shop for you OTP folks. Learn more about them here.

Atlanta's Best Holiday Cocktails

#repost drinkup_atlanta_preview.png

’Tis the season. For what you may ask? Cocktails. We did some “research” on the best spots to find holiday cocktails so you don’t have to! 

PURE Taqueria

First came the Pumpkin Spice Margarita, a huge favorite of ours. Then came the Holiday Spice Margarita. It’s the delicious sister margarita you never knew you needed. You may think to yourself, “tequila for the holidays”? Yes. Thank us later.

Whiskey Bird

Sharing is caring this holiday season. Whiskey Bird’s “Punch for Two” makes it easy. Made with bourbon, blueberry and bubbly…it’s the perfect combo to make your spirit’s bright. 


Rum Toddy, Warm Mulled Wine, a crazy tropical egg nog… pretty much any holiday concoction you can think of, their bartenders are making it. Not to mention their food. One word: PERFECTION. 

Monday Night Brewing

Okay, okay, so not a cocktail, but they had to make the cut. Their newest location, The Garage, specializes in making sours that are to die for! Our holiday pick: the Cinnamon Cocoa Drafty Kilt. Oh yes.

Double Zero

A sister restaurant to the Iberian Pig, they have some beautifully made cocktails make you all warm and fuzzy inside. The “It’ll Fix Wassail-ing You” is served hot, made with cider, cognac, and spices… YUM. Another fav, the “Rusty Cage”, made with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and heaven. 

5 Top Places to Shop this Black Friday


1. Amazon: Let’s be real, nothing is better than staying in the comfort of your own home while getting some amazing deals. Their electronic deals are especially wonderful, with huge savings on their Alexas and Kindles. Just search and click, it’s all in the wrist!

2. Costco + Sam’s Club: Buying in bulk is already a deal. Add Black Friday deals into the mix, and you’re golden this holiday season! *Just make sure you’re not waiting to get a membership the day of!

3. CVS Pharmacy + Rite Aid: This may be a wild card, but hear us out. While they aren’t just pharmacies, they are KEY places to get beauty, small gifts, and gift cards! We heard there will be tons of BOGO deals this Black Friday… You know you have one on your street.

4. Target:  Oh Target, with their tricky “I’m just going to buy toothpaste” when in reality you walk out with new boots, a lamp, seven candles, and no toothpaste. While there will be more foot traffic here, more than likely you won’t need to go anywhere else.

5. PURE Taqueria + Adelene Simple Cloth
You don’t think we forgot about our awesome clients, did ya? PURE’s having 30% off gift cards, and Adelene Simple Cloth is offering 20-40% off site-wide through Cyber Monday! Ready, Set. Shop!


Social Media Halloween Costumes

Need a few last minute Halloween costume ideas? Take a pop culture cue from social media and let the compliments roll in at the parties this weekend.

Someone in your apartment taking up all the Wifi and you get stuck with a half-loaded image? Go as this first-world-problem. It’s an easy one as long as you have some paint (and don’t itch your face)!

A PERFECT group costume. All you need are some plain colored tees, some tulle, and cardboard paper! Go the extra mile by adding your own tag or profile name, or throw it WAY back to Myspace and Xanga!

Go as “Hashtag Blessed”, “Hashtag Foodie”, “Hashtag Selfie” or anything in between. This is another great one to do as a group!


Take the dog-filter costume a step up by making an iPhone with the Snapchat app opened! Find a cardboard box, invite a couple friends, and it’s as easy as that.  

Our Fall Favorites


Fall is filled with family, friends, and all things festive. 

Here is our team’s Fall Favorites this year:


Favorite candle scent?

Peppermint anything. Reminds me of Christmas time aka the best time of the year!

Favorite Fall fashion trend?

Sweaters and boots. Always. 

Favorite homemade dish?

Butternut squash mac and cheese. Amazing. 

Favorite family tradition?

Since having a kiddo, we love doing the whole pumpkin patch hayride thing! 

Single favorite thing about Autumn?

The weather. This is what I wait all year for!


Favorite candle scent?

Anthropologie brand Illume’s Oatmeal Cookie candle. It’ll change your life.

Favorite Fall fashion trend?

I may or may not have a scarf hoarding problem… Needless to say scarves are my favorite fall trend, especially plushy infinity scarves! 

Favorite homemade dish?

My mom’s sherry chicken with pine nuts and pasta. It’s everything warm and cozy all in one dish.

Favorite family tradition?

The Lewis family is all a little competitive. We love having game night after our family dinners, including Sequence, Rummy, or Dominos. 

Single favorite thing about Autumn?

Wood burning fires and yummy hot beverages!


Favorite candle scent?

Diptyque Feu de Bois. I'm lucky my husband likes expensive candles more than I do because these go quick around our house. 

Favorite fall fashion trend?

I'm super into my baker boy/newsboy hat, leather mini skirt, embroidered ankle boots, a velvet button down and sweaters that look like they are made of some retro shag carpet that are so ugly they're cute.

Favorite homemade dish?

If by homemade you mean something that someone else cooked for me, then I would have to say some sort of giant salad with lots of nuts, beets and roasted veggies. 

Favorite family tradition?

Drinking beer outside, scooping out pumpkin guts and complaining in solidarity about how hot it still is even though I secretly wish it would never get cold. 

Single favorite thing about Autumn?

Shopping for outfits I won't get to wear until January when it starts to cool off in Atlanta. 



Adventure Through the Northeast

Our own BOFCreative Account Coordinator, Tatum, recently went on a Northeastern adventure and is giving us her thoughts on Boston, New York and Philly. Keep reading! 

Harvard Natural History Museum

Harvard Natural History Museum

Stop 1 - Boston:

Boston is packed with historical sites. Everywhere you looked, there was bits and pieces of our American history. Visiting Harvard was no different, being the first university in the United States (founded in 1636). We explored the campus, looked at the extraordinary buildings with gorgeous architecture, and stumbled upon the Harvard Natural History Museum. They have preserved an obscene amount of fossils, animals, insects, and plants, it’s unbelievable. The staff was beyond helpful, hosting mini-lessons about the dinosaurs and other prehistoric creature they have preserved. I highly recommend visiting this Ivy League University, if not for it’s incredible history, but for this well done museum nestled into their campus. 

Grand Banks

Grand Banks

Stop 2 - New York:

You don’t need me to tell you how much energy and beauty New York City has to offer, so I’ll just say some of my most memorable spots on the trip. Riverside Park was beyond gorgeous. We strolled through the park around sunset, got a beer at a pop-up brewery, and then dined on the water at Grand Banks. You can enjoy fresh seafood while literally on the water in a beautifully decorated boat. The next night, we went to a comedy show at The Stand, where we first ate incredible food (for a really good price) then laughed ’til we cried in the main comedy room. There were special guests throughout the show, included Jim freaking Gaffigan! 10 out of 10 would recommend.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Stop 3 - Philadelphia:

You maybe caught the “history” theme of this trip, and it ended with a high note in Philly. With sites like the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Betsy Ross’ home, and many more, everywhere you turn you will find something exciting about our country’s past. The Philadelphia Museum of Art was unbelievably beautiful, and there were so many famous pieces by some of the world’s greatest artists. Van Gogh, Monet, Dali, Warhol… I could go on. Aside from the history, Philadelphia’s food was some of the best on the trip! I recommend getting brunch at Mission Taqueria. Get the green juice margarita, and thank me later.