Staying Organized in 2018

Photo: BOFCreative

Photo: BOFCreative

Clutter, unnecessary stress, & messy scheduling tools. It’s time to get back on track. Here are some tips on how to stay organized all year long.

1) Wake up early:

This is probably the hardest one for most people, but it makes such a difference in your work ethic for the day. Get yourself a large coffee, sit down, and prioritize your day. Starting the day off on the right foot allows everything to fall into place much more smoothly. 

2) Keep a color-coordinated calendar: 

If you don’t already have a calendar up and running, stop everything and do it now. It can be a hand-written calendar, a Google Calendar, or anything in-between. If you choose to take the hand-written route, make it a sort-of “to-do” list, while you also prioritize your daily tasks. With an online calendar, make sure you connect events to your phone so you receive updates on the spot! 

3) Simplify: 

Clean out your computer bag, desk, and even your car. Start with a clean slate to ensure that all triggers of stress stay off your plate. Have a list of less than 5 things that you need to start your work day, including things like your calendar, your computer, a camera or iPad, your phone, and a to-go cup for extra coffee consumption. 

4) Delegate: 

You can’t possibly do everything yourself. Ask for help. You would be surprised by how supported you feel when you delegate responsibilities amongst your team. After prioritizing your day, divide it up into smaller lists per person, that way your plate seems a little less full. This also helps create trust among your team, as everyone has each other’s backs!

5) Maintain:

If you maintain control of these everyday organization tools, you won’t have to do as much “catch-up” work in the future, meaning less work in the long haul. Letting small things fall to the wayside can lead to stressful days of make-up work, and avoiding days like those is key.