Why You Should Follow Instagram Hashtags


Instagram’s newest feature allows you to follow whichever hashtags you choose, placing them directly into your feed. Not only is this a great tool for staying connected, but this allows your brand to reach another level of engagement. Here’s why we think you should be using this newest feature:

1. Follow Trends
    Start by following hashtags specific to your city, audience, and product. For example - we follow hashtags such as #AtlantaLife, #SocialMedia, and #AtlEats because those reflect our interests, as well as the interests of our clientele. Follow a few, and unfollow as your see fit. These are ever-changing, so the algorithm will constantly bring you fresh, new content.

2. Have your audience follow your brand’s unique hashtag
    If you haven’t already, make a unique hashtag specific to your brand. Make it straight and to the point, or create multiple! For example - ours is simply #BOFCreative, however a clothing company may use #___OnMe or #___Styled. Get creative, and make sure you tell you audience they can follow along (and how) via Instagram Stories!

3. Stay Inspired
    By constantly seeing brand-new content revolving around the foundation of your brand, you are streamlining your progress and staying ahead of the curve. Look to these updates for inspiration. How do you want to be seen when new profiles follow along? Which hashtags do you or do you not want to be a part of? There’s no wrong answer, so don’t be afraid to try new things or refresh the hashtags featured on your posts every couple weeks.