Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Engagement


1. Instagram Stories & Instagram Highlights
Stand out with interactive or moving Instagram Stories! One of our favorite apps to use is Hype Type, where you can easily put fun text over any photo in a creative way. Make sure to add these stories to your new Instagram Highlights if necessary! Start off with easy categories that make sense to your brand. Think: “Would I click this on someone else’s page?”

2. Use Carousel Posts Creatively
Carousel Posts are an easy and effective way to tell a story about your team or a product your showcasing. For example: If you sell tee-shirts, have the initial photo be a fun photo of someone wearing your tee, then have your audience swipe to look at all the available colors and styles it comes in!

3. Start a Contest
This is a full-proof way to have your followers engage on your profile while also bringing in new traffic! Think of a product that is exciting and fun, but cost-effective for your brand (you don’t want to use all your marketing dollars for a single contest)! Establish a set of rules, create a timeline, and BOOM, you’ll have people interacting on your Instagram in no time!

4. Try Something New
Videos, Boomerangs, and other motion graphics may seem scary to start, but they are a fun way for your audience to see your products in action. Own a coffee shop? Create a time-lapse of one of your employees making latte art! Videos are also a great way to introduce yourself to your audience, creating an instant bond.

5. Featured Posts
Regramming your community is a free way to get content on your page, an amazing tool for showing authenticity towards your audience, and a way to branch out of photos you may be reusing or that aren’t eye-catching. By creating a hashtag or following a certain location you sell your products at - you ensure that people post about YOUR products. Tip: the more you regram, the more people want to post photos of your products because they want to be featured.