How to Take Amazing Product Shots on a Budget


1. Utilize your smart phone!
It’s 2018, and most everyone has a high-quality camera in their pocket at all times. What a time to be alive! Don’t be afraid to reach for your iPhone or Android for some killer Instagram content. You can also purchase other camera apps to give you even more control - a favorite of ours is ProCamera & VSCO!

2. Head to the Dollar Store
Don’t have a light bounce or a plain background? White poster-board = $1. Need to add some life to your still-shot? Fake flowers = $1. Having a hard time holding your pieces in place? Clips & tape = $1. Don’t underestimate your local dollar store, y’all.

3. Go to a window/outside
Photography 101: Natural light is KEY. Gather your products and set up a faux “studio” space next to an open door or on the floor near a window! Be careful not to get harsh-shadows in your shot. You can avoid this by shooting early morning or by using a sheer sheet over the window for evenly distributed light.

4. Commit to the 45/90 degree angle trick
Try to shoot “flat-lay” style or at a 45 degree angle to ensure your products are being showcased well. These are also full-proof ways to entice your audience’s eye in an artistic way!

5. The simpler, the better.
Rule of thumb: Start with three items in your shot, and add from there. Start small, and build a story around the key products that are necessary in your photograph. It’s easy for a photo to look overcrowded with extra items that really don’t make sense for the item you’re showcasing.