Music Midtown Survival Guide

 Photo:  Tatum Lewis

Tatum is giving us her pro tips for a successful Music Midtown weekend! Read up:

Alright all you music lovers out there, who’s ready for Music Midtown at Piedmont Park this weekend?! With amazing artists like Bruno Mars, Mumford & Sons, Young the Giant, Judah & the Lion, and SO many more, it’s nearly impossible to have a let-down of a weekend. Here are some foolproof ways to make sure you get the most out of Music Midtown (or any music festival):

Plan out your day.

Take a look at the schedule to ensure that you are making the most of your time at the park. Bands will be playing two at a time, so you will need to pick and choose who you see, as well as how you will get from stage to stage. We recommend to grab a map upon arrival so you don’t need to use your phone’s battery each band’s play time and stage name. 

Find a meeting spot.

Guys, this is so important. 99% of the time, you won’t have great cell service in the park. Before you and your crew split up to see different bands, grab a drink, or check out the merch stand, find an easy meeting spot to meet back up at before the next show. In the past, we’ve used water-filling stations, food stands, or info booths, but you’ll quickly find your own!

Pack a bag the night before.

My friends call me “mom” for a good reason; I always have everything you need within arms reach. In my fanny-pack (make your jokes now, but I’m prepared), there are bandaids, sunscreen, chapstick, tampons, tissue (the TP runs out quick, y’all), and a charged battery pack. Your needy friends will the thank you in the end.


You don’t want to the be the person who takes off early because of heat exhaustion or passing out. Bruno Mars won’t forgive you. Bring an empty water bottle in your backpack or fanny-pack to fill up at water stations around the park. A good time = staying hydrated = water.

Put your phone down.

Live in the moment. We all know that you want your followers to see what ~amazing~ hippie outfit you got from Free People and how many killer bands you got to meet, BUT those moments won’t last long. Take a couple pictures of your crew and the shows, then put your phone in your pocket so you can dance and sing with everyone who loves music just as much as you. You will also waste your battery by the end of the day, and not be able to get an Uber home. Rookie mistake.