Happy World Emoji Day!

It's World Emoji Day (obviously ➡️ 📅) and we're celebrating by highlighting our favorite ways to really get our point across. Did you know that the most used emoji is 😂? Classic.


I love the “Grimacing Face” emoji, because it’s half “I don’t know why I’m like this.” and half “I’m on the right track baby. I was born this way.” For example, “I ate 3 pieces of cake, and I’m going to the beach tomorrow. 😬”


The kiss cat is cuter than the round head emoji, and the pink hearts make it look like its blowing a kiss. Adorable. 😽 💕


I have two favorites. One is the alarm 🚨 because it adds the perfect effect when you want to alert your bud to something awesome. 🚨 Wee oh 🚨 Wee oh 🚨 Wee! And I also love 💩 because, well, it's universally funny.


I'm all of the classic thumbs up. 👍 I can tell my friends and family everything they need to know with one affirming finger. It gets straight to the point!