BOFC Travel Diary: Los Angeles

We’re jumping coasts and following Sara on her trip to Los Angeles in this BOFC Travel Diary. Keep reading to see her favorite spots around the city of stars.

Early this month I spent a few days in Los Angeles, and I loved it so much I didn’t want to leave. Once I saw that an apartment costs roughly the same as a private jet, I quickly came back to reality. Instead, I’ll just relive my favorite moments from my trip with you.

Photo:  Sara Porch

Photo: Sara Porch

Griffith Observatory

The first thing I did was drive up to the Griffith Observatory. I say “drive up,” because the observatory is perched on top of a mountain that overlooks the entire city. You can see downtown Los Angeles in front of you, the Hollywood sign to your right and the Pacific glistening in the distance. This is what the panorama setting on your camera phone was made for.

Largo at the Coronet

I’m kind of a comedy nerd. Scratch that, I’m a big ole comedy nerd, so I had to see a show at Largo. I loved everything about the theater from the moody, red bar to the strict no phone policy, but the highlight of the evening was seeing Ellen DeGeneres’ first stand up performance in 15 years. 

Photo:  Sara Porch

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t go inside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Just in front of the museum is an installation called Urban Light. It’s essentially a forest of restored Los Angeles lampposts. If you’ve ever been outside with me, you know I have a strange affinity for lamppost. Seeing Urban Light was a must on my sightseeing list, and it was just as magical as I’d imaged it’d be. Next trip, I want to see it lit up at night!

The Dome at ArcLight Hollywood

Normally, it’s strange to go see a movie when you’re on vacation, but this was Los Angeles. They take their movie going experiences seriously and no more so than at The Dome. It’s a huge 800 seat theater with a giant curved Cinerama screen. I saw Wonder Woman there, which only made the movie more wonder-ful. Sorry! I couldn’t help myself.