Where To Take Dad this Father's Day

Resist the urge to get your dad another tie for Father’s Day. Resist! He deserves more appreciation than any tie could offer. We don’t care if the tie lights up or has Darth Vader’s helmet on it. Skip it this year. Instead, take him to one of these Father’s Day friendly spots!  


1. Top Golf: Challenge your dad to a round of golf this Father’s Day or, at least, a round of Top Golf. Everyone can love the game of golf on an air-conditioned bay with a drink in your hand.  

2. Brewery Visit: Your dad may say he doesn’t want anything for Father’s Day, but we’d be hard-pressed to find a dad that wouldn’t enjoy a visit to a local brewery. Some of our favorites Scofflaw, Wild Heaven and Reformation Brewery are all open this Sunday.

3. Trivia: For those of us with laidback, wannabe rockstar dads, take him to Eddie’s Attic for some music trivia. You can argue over whose generation had better music, as dads are want to do.

4. Barbeque: Give dad a break from grill duty and take him to City Winery’s Sunday Smoke Out. You’ll get two entrees, two sides, a dessert and the SweetWater brew of your choice for just $25, but you don’t have tell dad how good of a deal you scored.

5. Braves Game: The Braves play the Miami Marlins at home this Sunday, and there are plenty of tickets available. Take him out to the ball game. Buy him some peanuts and crackerjacks. Do Father’s Day right.