Your Summer Essentials

Memorial Day is over a week away but it’s already feeling like summer in Atlanta. When the temperature gets over 90 degrees, we just want to get outside, so we’ve gathered up everything you need to be pool or beach ready this season!

1. Novelty Float: Summer is for making fun, impulsive decisions. What is more fun and impulsive than a novelty margarita float? Tequila not included.

 2. Round Beach Towel: Ditch your rectangular towel and go for a circular beach towel this summer. You’ll have more room to have fun in the sun.

3. Statement Sunglasses: If you don’t have a pair of sunglasses for every occasion, did summer really happen? No, no it did not, which is why we’re loving all of’s statement sunglasses, including these must-have pineapple sunnies.  

4. Tropical swimsuit: We love any suit that looks like we’re on a tropical island even when we’re landlocked. However, a super cute bathing suit that doesn’t cost as much as said tropical island is tough to come by. Enter Zara.

5. Canned Rosé: This essential needs no explanation. Get it here.