Friday Happy Hour Finds

Photo: Ladybird

Photo: Ladybird

Being a Bird is hard work - rewarding, fun, special and cool - but hard, hard work. Needless to say, we take our happy hours pretty seriously, especially on Friday's. Here are a few of our favorite spots where you can catch us sipping a cocktail, swirling a glass of wine, or noshing on bar snacks.


The outdoor bar positioned perfectly along the Chattahoochee River just does something for us. Grab a glass of pinot grigio and have a seat by the water for well-deserved Friday night.  

Leon's Full Service

The bartenders at Leon's can throw. down. Not only can they whip up a classic like no other, but they have a whole selection of original drinks that really steal the show. Head outside for a little bocce ball and you're officially off the clock. 


Patio + ultimate snacks = weekend kickoff done right. Don't know about you, but the only way we can drink beer is with a burger, and The Imperial has a killer option. 

King + Duke

Listen up. The outdoor bar and patio at King + Duke give us all of the vacation vibes. The wine list is solid and the people are friendly. A great meet-up place for all of your friends.


What's better than strolling along the BeltLine? Making a detour to Ladybird to chill in their ultimate lawn around a retro camper with every other thirsty person in the city. Ladybird is like class reunion - you're bound to see a bud or two while you're there.