Instagram Releases It's Latest Snapchat-esque Feature

Disappearing Direct Photos and Videos!

This new update shows Instagram making communication though direct messaging more of a priority - and with a noticeable uptick in the growth of direct messaging, they have good reason. Having this option may very well solidify Instagram's takeover of Snapchat.

After swiping right in the app, the new blue camera button is used to send disappearing pictures. Try it out - it's user friendly. The upgrade is consistent and cohesive with what the app has already established in recent updates.

At this point, the disappearing message feature on Instagram and Snapchat are very similar. The sent image can be replayed once and then will be gone forever. The only current difference is that you can't send disappearing direct text like you can on Snapchat. 

The only thing we are waiting for now from Instagram is the release of interactive filters. We don't plan on ditching Snapchat just yet (aka we aren't done making ourselves into cute animals), but we're excited about this new feature!