Springing In Atlanta

Photo by: Tatum

Photo by: Tatum

It's officially the first day of spring (swoon!) and we're ready to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, warmer weather and maybe even an allergy or two. Here's what we're looking forward to this season!


There are so many great things about Spring in my eyes. Not only does my birthday fall during this season (April 27th), but the weather warms up and plants begin to bloom! I love being able to spend my weekend sitting on my porch with a good book, enjoying the beautiful scenery and warm weather. I'm also a total weirdo and enjoy Spring cleaning my apartment. 


What am I most looking forward to this spring? Rolling down my windows and cruising! Spring is ideal for me to load up my pup and take off to new spots to explore. There is nothing better than being outdoors with my pooch! When I take my precautionary allergy pill, nothing can stop me.


Ever since I moved to Atlanta, a Spring staple of mine is adventuring the BeltLine. Whether it's antiquing at Paris on Ponce, day-drinking at Krog St Market, or making a picnic at Piedmont Park, as long as I'm in the sun, I'm happy. If you're new to the city, definitely grab a Chocolate Sea-Salt Popsicle at any King of Pops while you're out!


I'm what you call and indoor girl. However this indoor girl has a soft spot for drinks on the patio (bonus points if the patio also has a great view!). I can't wait until it warms up a bit and I can get "outdoorsy" again.