Taxes Made Easy with WebTax

If the thought of tax season fills you with dread and the need to reach for a stiff drink, we have good news for you. WebTax is your solution to filling your taxes with ease, security and professional insight. They don’t just guide you through the filing process, they do it for you. Fill out a short questionnaire, and they personally assign a tax pro to do your taxes for you! You’ll receive personalized service by our experienced team of professionals who actually enjoy tax season. Yeah, we didn’t know those kinds of people existed either.

WebTax prepares and files your tax documents electronically, which means the only thing you need is your laptop, tablet or phone. From there, they match you with one of their tax professionals who will keep you updated with advice and any questions regarding your account. You can communicate directly with your tax professional at any time. So while your tax pro is diligently filling your taxes you can get back to more important things like deciding what you’re going to spend your return on.