Weekend in Photos

Saturday and Sunday are always gone too soon...let's relive the weekend a little longer.


WHEN: Saturday, February 25, 2017 at 2:00 PM

WHERE: West Midtown

WHY I WHIPPED OUT MY PHONE: To me, spring has sprung, people. And although it might still be a little chilly, I was feeling like some new shoe action was appropriate. I guess you can consider new spring shoes my version of Groundhog Day - the sooner I get them, the sooner warm weather comes.


WHEN: Saturday, February 25th at 11:30 PM

WHERE: Ladybird

WHY I WHIPPED OUT MY PHONE: Went out for a nightcap and Ladybird did not disappoint. A spring of rosemary in your drink is always a good sign. 


WHEN: Sunday, February 26th at 11:00 AM

WHERE: My constantly covered in flour kitchen

WHY I WHIPPED OUT MY PHONE: Sundays are usually baking days for me, and this weekend was no exception. In addition to this Oreo stuffed cookie cake, I also made cinnamon swirl bread. I think it goes without saying that calorie counting is not one of my hobbies.