Travel Blog: Nashville, Tennessee

We're traveling to Nashville with our very own Erin this week. Check out her favorite spots to visit - keep reading!

This past weekend my husband Alex and I took a fun, quick, 24 hour trip to Nashville, TN. While we were there we met up with some long time friends of his. Here are the highlights of our adventures.

So Many Options to Stay.

My Husband and I arrived in Nashville late Sunday evening around 11:00 pm. We stayed in East Nashville about 5 minutes from downtown, in a cozy, private, upstairs space of a charming bungalow that we found on Airbnb. I highly recommend that if you plan on staying in Nashville overnight , book a space through Airbnb. They have so many affordable options of places to stay. The spaces range from whole houses, to cute bungalows, and historical lofts. 

The Pinewood: The Space

We woke up the Monday morning well rested and ready for the day. The first thing on our agenda was brunch! We met up with my husband's long time friends, Matt and Yuka, then we all proceeded to find the perfect brunch spot. Matt's sister called and recommended that we check out the Pinewood Social in downtown.The Pinewood is an amazing, beautifully designed space that houses a fully stocked 360 degree bar, a gourmet coffee bar, a kitchen that serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, a huge open dining area, a "living room", and vintage bowling lanes. Outside they have a pool, showers, bocce ball area, courtyard, and an airstream bar with a separate menu of smaller dishes. 

The Pinewood: The Food

For brunch I started off with coffee. I treated myself to their cubano, which was an espresso drink with condensed milk. Secondly, I ordered "The Graceland", which was a huge waffle topped with peanut butter moose, bananas, and BACON. It was PERFECT. Sweet. Savory. DELICIOUS. Matt and Alex both ordered waffles with fresh berries on top. Considering their waffles disappeared within 5 minutes, I think its safe to say the waffles were indeed, tasty. Yuka indulged in chicken biscuits with gravy. Luckily for me, she shared a few bites. The biscuits were so incredibly fluffy and the gravy was seasoned to perfection. 

The Pinewood: The Fun

After brunch we all decided to try our hand at bowling on the vintage lanes housed in the rear of the Pinewood. We were able to take our coffees and beverages with us. The Pinewood offers lane side service so our cups were continuously full. The lanes were indeed vintage! Between the original floors, bowling balls, and the beautiful blue neon, it was as if we were in another time and place. We had a BLAST! I will return to the Pinewood during my future trips to Nashville. I know that if brunch was this awesome that dinner and drinks in the evening will be just as wonderful.


Third Man Records

When we left the Pinewood we then headed to our next stop, Third Man Records. Third Man is Jack White's record label. I am a HUGE Jack White fan so I just had to stop in. Third Man Records in Nashville consists of record store, music venue, photography studio and Jack White's recording studio, all-in-one! While we were visiting the store, I, of course, purchased some records, tested out some some guitar pedals and looked at all the interesting oddities and vintage collectables that is the decor of the store. 

I wish Alex and I could've stayed in Nashville for more than just a day, but we both needed to return back to Atlanta for work. The people of Nashville that we interacted with throughout our day were nothing but kind and hospitable. The food was some of the best southern cuisine I have tasted. We could've stayed, played, and explored until our legs turned to jello. 

Until next time Nashville, TN.