Social Media New Years Resolutions


2018 is fast approaching, and we all have things we need to improve on. Ready to step-up your Social Media game? Here are some resolutions that we’re striving for this year:

1) Authenticity:

Consumers can spot impure values from a mile away. Make it a point to sit down with your team, circle-back to your core company standards, and begin the year fresh and renewed. This isn’t only for businesses. Take a look at your personal Instagram. Are you being genuine? Are your captions thought provoking? Are you copying an influencer you admire a little too much? 

2) Consistency:

Studies have shown that the frequency with which you post, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. directly influences your growth and engagement. If your community sees your content daily and feels like they are tied into your life and/or brand, you will create a tighter community.

3) Creativity:

Step outside of your comfort zone. You’ve never done a Facebook Live? Do it! Only use photos of your products? Try a video! Still shooting strictly on your iPhone? Branch out and use a DSLR camera for crisp, quality content. Being vulnerable is scary, but ultimately leads to progress. 

4) Connect: 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you admire someone’s content, community, or even just their authentic self, reach out and ask for advice! Businesses - make 2018 a year of working with Social Media Influencers to push your brand to the next level. And most importantly, connect with your audience. Engage, address feedback, give shout-outs, and repost!