5 Top Places to Shop this Black Friday


1. Amazon: Let’s be real, nothing is better than staying in the comfort of your own home while getting some amazing deals. Their electronic deals are especially wonderful, with huge savings on their Alexas and Kindles. Just search and click, it’s all in the wrist!

2. Costco + Sam’s Club: Buying in bulk is already a deal. Add Black Friday deals into the mix, and you’re golden this holiday season! *Just make sure you’re not waiting to get a membership the day of!

3. CVS Pharmacy + Rite Aid: This may be a wild card, but hear us out. While they aren’t just pharmacies, they are KEY places to get beauty, small gifts, and gift cards! We heard there will be tons of BOGO deals this Black Friday… You know you have one on your street.

4. Target:  Oh Target, with their tricky “I’m just going to buy toothpaste” when in reality you walk out with new boots, a lamp, seven candles, and no toothpaste. While there will be more foot traffic here, more than likely you won’t need to go anywhere else.

5. PURE Taqueria + Adelene Simple Cloth
You don’t think we forgot about our awesome clients, did ya? PURE’s having 30% off gift cards, and Adelene Simple Cloth is offering 20-40% off site-wide through Cyber Monday! Ready, Set. Shop!