Social Media Halloween Costumes

Need a few last minute Halloween costume ideas? Take a pop culture cue from social media and let the compliments roll in at the parties this weekend.

Someone in your apartment taking up all the Wifi and you get stuck with a half-loaded image? Go as this first-world-problem. It’s an easy one as long as you have some paint (and don’t itch your face)!

A PERFECT group costume. All you need are some plain colored tees, some tulle, and cardboard paper! Go the extra mile by adding your own tag or profile name, or throw it WAY back to Myspace and Xanga!

Go as “Hashtag Blessed”, “Hashtag Foodie”, “Hashtag Selfie” or anything in between. This is another great one to do as a group!


Take the dog-filter costume a step up by making an iPhone with the Snapchat app opened! Find a cardboard box, invite a couple friends, and it’s as easy as that.