Instagram Stories Moving to Facebook

Facebook has officially confirmed the feature of syncing Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories. Seeing the explosion of popularity that Instagram Stories has received during year one, with nearly 250 million daily users (RIP Snapchat), creating a connection between these two platforms was a match made in heaven. So how can your business utilize this new tool?

An easier way for your business to connect with clients.

If you’ve noticed, it’s harder to get people to interact on Facebook business accounts. Business pages are less personal and feels like a representation of a website. With Instagram Stories, you are able to bring out personality and but a face to the name of your business! Play around with employee highlights, promotions & specials, and the new poll feature; the possibilities are endless.

Push consumers to your Facebook page & website.

While making a Instagram Story post, add in actions words, such as “Stay Connected on our Facebook page” or “Watch More on our FB Story” to keep your clients engaged. This in turn should create an increase of visits to your Facebook page, people liking your page, and overall following your business’ journey on the world wide web! This will be especially useful for more mature clientele who aren’t up to date with Instagram’s newest features. 

Time-efficient + user-friendly.

Truly, anyone can be a pro at making a beautifully done Instagram Story. We recommend watching other companies and social media influencers IG Stories to find inspiration! You will find great ways to connect with your audience, play around with color themes, learn what ways video works for you, and more. “[Facebook is] working to make it easier to share any moment with the people who matter to you”, says Facebook spokesperson.