Our Top Photo Editing Apps

VSCO - This app has blown up for being user-friendly and professional-grade quality. The filters that come with VSCO are great, but if you have a buck or two to spend, the extra filters they have are comparable to Lightroom. Some favorite filters of ours are N1, A6, & Q8. Practice makes perfect with this app, so find a photo that you can use to adjust color, lighting, shadows, etc. and you’ll be off to a great start!

FaceTune - This app has the bad reputation of being the “selfie app”, but it can be used for SO much more. The number one edit we use on FaceTune is the “Teeth Whitening” tool to make the whites in your photos pop. It makes your feed even more seamless by making whites all the same tone. Another great feature is the “Tones” tool, used to alter certain colors in your photos. This is great for portraits or landscapes when you want to edit someones hair that’s hitting harsh light or a tree that is blown out.

A Color Story - Created by the fantastic blogging duo of A Beautiful Mess, this effect and filter app is wonderful for finding what color theme is perfect for you and your Instagram quilt. A Color Story comes with a multitude of free filters, and tons more to purchase much like VSCO. They even have Lightroom presets that you can purchase to use for photo-editing on your computer! Check out A Beautiful Mess for inspiration. 

LD (Lens Distortions) - This free app isn’t one we use every day, but when you have a photo that just needs a little something special, LD is perfect. They have artificial light flares, fog, shimmers, etc. which make your photos stand out from the rest. This is another that may take some practice, but adjust the opacity of these effects as well as learn the best placement and you’ll be rocking intriguing, artsy photos in no time!