Our 2017 Resolutions

We're five days into 2017 and our office is taking resolutions pretty seriously this year. And by seriously we mean we've made them and that's about as far as we've gotten so far. Resolutions don't really start until around February, right?



You know how most people pledge to get fit and eat healthier in the new year? Yeah, I’m going for something a bit different. I want to bake through The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. If you’re unfamiliar, which if you’re not a baking obsessed nerd like me you are, it’s the bread baking bible, and I plan on baking each recipe before the year is through. While everyone is drinking green smoothie and chia seed energy balls, I’ll be swimming in an Olympic-sized pool of carbs. Happy 2017!



My new year’s resolution is taken from a classic Drake lyric. I’m going to “start wearing less and going out more.” You heard it here first, I am going to plan on eating better and working out more frequently in order to fit into my clothes a little better, maybe look a little better in my swimsuit when summer rolls around and get out and have more experiences. I am a total homebody so getting out of my bed and not watching Netflix every day is going to make my 2017 the best yet.

Photo by: Erin Branch Hadjidakis

Photo by: Erin Branch Hadjidakis


Radical kindness. I want to be more kind to myself and to others. If I am less critical of myself, practice in positive thinking, and take better self care, then I feel that I can be a better and kinder person to those around me. 2017 is the time to show more love and light! 


Last year was the first year I’ve ever KEPT to my New Year’s resolution - to quit buying bottled water! It’s terrible on the environment (and my wallet) so I committed to bringing 2 reusable bottles of water with my wherever I go and boom, done. So this year, I’m hoping to keep my resolution-momentum going with incorporating mediation to my life. I’ve tried the Headspace app and so far, so good (and the narrator's English accent doesn’t hurt). 


I'm notorious for not taking personal photos. I enjoy taking photos for clients and posting on their social networks, but that means the last thing on my mind is to whip out my phone to capture something fun for my own personal library. This year, I'm vowing to take more photos, post more on my Instagram and hashtag myself silly.