BOFC Travel Diary: D.C.

Madie recently took a long weekend getaway to Washington, D.C. visiting my high school best friend who works at The Capitol. Check out her favorite destinations - keep reading:

Museums, Museums, Museums

I absolutely cannot tell you enough that when you go to D.C., you have to visit at least one museum. During my trip I was lucky enough to be able to visit the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture and the Newseum. Both were truly incredible. The NMAAHC is a museum that you could spend a full day in with so much to look at and heavy material to reflect on. Some highlights of the Newseum is the Pulitzer Prize exhibit featuring the award winning photographs and the September 11th exhibit presenting to you the day through a journalist's eyes. Trust me, once you visit one museum, you will wish you could visit them all.

Ted’s Bulletin

Lunch at Ted’s Bulletin may have just been the best food I ate while visiting The Capital. Any place that serves breakfast all day is my kind of restaurant but Ted’s takes it up a notch with amazing cinnamon rolls as big as your head and breakfast plates you will eat faster than your stomach can growl.  

The Metro

Do as the locals do and take the Metro while visiting the city! It’s a special experience that one must take part in and it’s a guaranteed way to get wherever you need to go without getting stuck in traffic. And if you’re like any of my friends, you will feel like you are paying tribute to House of Cards. (RIP Zoe)

Nighttime National Mall Tour

One of my number one recommendations of things to do while visiting D.C. is to do a walking tour at night of the National Mall. Seeing the monuments all lit up at night really allows you to look at them with a sort of reverence. The lack of people and the weight of the monuments standing out amongst the dark creates room for you to think about what they really stand for.

Union Market

Lastly, you have to take a stroll around Union Market. This place is like a Krog Street/Ponce City Market on a smaller scale filled with little food vendors, Instagram friendly walls and delicious eats. I scarfed down an empanada just in the time alone that I was walking around trying to decide on what to eat! I settled on an amazingly fresh strawberry lemonade and a classic grilled cheese. YUM.