5 Reasons We'll Miss the Headphone Jack

The future is here, and the headphone jack is being left in the dust next to CD drives and the old Instagram logo. In case you haven’t heard, Apple is removing the totally useful and completely necessary headphone jack from the iPhone 7. To mourn the loss of the trusty jack and the white, wired headphones that go with it, we’re sharing five reasons why they’ll be missed.

1. We can no longer be politely anti-social. How will the barista at Starbucks understand that it’s 7AM, and we’re not in the mood for chit-chat if she doesn’t see white wires dangling from our ears?

2. We just got our parents to remember their Wi-Fi login. Now we have to explain how to use Bluetooth?!

3. Remember when sharing a pair of ear buds with a guy or gal you fancied was the start of every relationship in the 2000s? We guess love is dead now. 

4. Detangling a nest of headphone wires is both therapeutic and a great way to procrastinate.

5. Mostly, we’ll miss having disposable income. The new wireless AirPods come with a storage cage, but you’re bound to lose them a time or two or three. A replacement pair will cost you $159 (159 American dollars!!) Add on the several adapters you’ll need to stay connected to your other devices, and now you have no more money.