What's in Our Beach Bag

Photo: Birds of a Feather Creative

Photo: Birds of a Feather Creative

Labor Day is so close we can almost taste the salty beach air. Before we hit the coast for one last summer hurrah, we’re showing what we stash in our bag for a long weekend at the ocean.

1. Sunscreen: Everyone wants to get their tan on at the beach, but there is a fine line between bronze glow and lobster red. We always bring a bottle of Coola, an eco-conscious sunscreen line, with us. Before you head out of town, pop into Raw Bronzing to get your hands on your very own bottle.

2. Book: We love a good page turner, but we love reading even more when it comes with an ocean view. This weekend we’re toting along Mindy Kaling’s second book Why Not Me? It’s a cheeky series of essays, where she talks about everything from her successful television show to how much it sucks to be a bridesmaid. 

3. Accessories: We have two rules for jewelry at the beach: keep it simple and keep it inexpensive. We are all for adding an accent or two to your beach getup, but leave anything that you would be devastated to lose on the ocean floor back at the room. We’re fans of lou lou for fashionable and affordable options.

4. Beauty: Let’s face it, wearing make up at the beach is useless. Unless you have a cabana boy slowly waiving a giant palm leaf over you, you’re going to sweat it all off in minutes. A sea salt spray is the only beauty product you need to make your hair look like the mermaid goddess that you are. (P.S. If you do happen to have one of those cabana boys, you’ve got to give us the number.)