Upgrade Your Workbag Essentials

Photo Credit: ban.do

Photo Credit: ban.do

You may not be heading back to school, but that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade the items in your trusty workbag. If grade school kids are getting new clicky pens and rolly backpacks, then you deserve some new swag too! Here are some fun upgrades to add to your workbag.

August is the perfect time of year to reach for a brand new agenda. Most on them start in August anyway, and the crisp, blank pages of a new planner will add a special sort of satisfaction to you month. Around the office, we’re partial to Kate Spade agendas.

Right now, the weather in Atlanta has multiple personalities. You may look out your window in the morning and think it’s going to be a beautiful sunny day, but by the time you’re walking out of the office door, it’s a full blown monsoon. Pack a mini umbrella away so you don’t get soaked on the way home.

Why does your phone always hit 10% battery when there’s not an outlet in sight? Stash a portable charger, ban.do has some really cute ones, in your bag for those times when you’re out of juice and electricity.

When you’re on the go, who knows what you’ll come into contact with. Keep a Bath & Body Works PocketBac hand sanitizer in your purse to stay germ free no matter where you are. Bonus points if you also get an adorable holder to store it in. We can’t decide between the blue owl or the sweet elephant!