Taking Rosé to the Next Level

We’ve been sipping on more rosé this summer than usual. According to professional winos, the sudden popularity of rosé is due to Americans developing a more sophisticated wine palate. If you ask us, the rise in rosé is simply because it’s dang delicious. As much as we love rosé on its own, there are so many other ways to enjoy it. These new ways to incorporate more pink in your everyday life will have you saying, “Yes way Rosé.” Sorry! – We couldn’t resist.

A genius chocolatier at Compartes in Los Angeles paired French rosé with silky white chocolate to create a Roses and Rosé Chocolate Bar. The soft pink chocolate bar comes with edible crystalized rose petals, because unnecessary beautiful things are sometimes necessary. 

Rosé was once a summer only kind of drink and for good reason. Its refreshing, crisp taste is sure to cool off a hot summer day. When the temperature is particularly unbearable, try frozen rosé or “Frosé” from Bon Appétit.

Rosé and raspberries are a perfect match. Throw in butter, flour, and eggs to the mix and you can get Raspberry Rosé Wine Cupcakes from Completely Delicious. The sticky sweetness from the rosé makes the cupcakes super moist and delicious. We won’t judge if you double down and enjoy a glass of rosé along with this one.

If you love rosé so much you wish you could graze on it all day, then you’re in luck. Sugarfina’s Rosé All Day gummy bears are a perfect, portable snack for the rosé obsessed. These little gummies come in from Germany and are currently sold out, but you can join the wait list for the next batch.

Finally, I won’t deny the rosé purest who just wants to sip on a glass of pink. Atlanta Magazine put together a list of the best rosés available for purchase in Atlanta. If you’re going to go for a classic class of rosé, make sure it’s a good one.