The Bird Watch: Eat, Watch, and Read Edition

When it comes to sharing our favorite things, we like to think of ourselves as dedicated researchers who are ready to point you toward the best watering hole, article, or documentary at a moments notice. We’re constantly doing, searching, visiting, and discovering new and interesting things around Atlanta and beyond. Today we’re revealing our favorite places to eat, what we can’t stop watching, and what books we just can’t put down.

Keep reading for the latest recommendations from some of our team!


Photo: Superica Facebook

Photo: Superica Facebook

Sara: I currently have a minor addiction to the West Midtown Bartaco. More specifically I have a minor addiction to their green salsa—I wish I could order it by the carafe—and their Sanguina cocktail. The Sanguina has hibiscus infused tequila with blood orange, lime, and ginger, and it’s everything a summer cocktail should be. I’ll admit this may be more than a minor obsession. 

Christina: Krog Street Market has been my weekend go-to and my faves are Gu’s Dumplings (you must have the Spicy Dried Eggplant), Superica (fajita heaven), and Jeni’s Ice Cream because, ICYMI, the birds are kind of obsessed

Jessi: I'm a pretty lucky lady because my fiancé is a former chef which means I'm spoiled when it comes to what he's cooking up on any given night. When he isn't in the kitchen one of our favorite things to do together is try out new restaurants. We love the entire experience and have our own rating scale when it comes to finding the best spots in the city. Right now I would highly recommend visiting 5Church and Communion. Two totally different vibes, but both worth a visit. 


Sara: I recently bulldozed through all six seasons of Game of Thrones. At first, I was mostly watching to get tips on how to intricately braid my hair, but I quickly became hooked on the power-hungry and dragon-filled fantasy world. My advice to anyone wanting to catch up on the series—Don’t get too attached to any characters, it’ll only end in tears.

Christina: I hopped on the Stranger Things bandwagon and then quickly hopped right off because I got spooked! So, after a two week break, and reminding myself it’s all just make believe (right?), I’m back on the bandwagon and loving it. 

Jessi: I'm not big on binge-watching TV shows or sitting through movies back-to-back, but if you talk to me for more than 5 minutes it's not hard to find out that I'm a YouTube watching fool. Beauty gurus, travel vlogs, fitness tutorials, hauls - you name it, I watch it. The production quality of these videos are unreal! Right now I'm loving Megan Ellaby, Patricia Bright, Ashley Brooke, Casey Neistat and Jenn Im, just to name a few. If you need any recommendations just tweet me because I'm a self proclaimed video addict.  


Screen shot 2014-08-11 at 18.14.44.png

Sara: A friend gifted me a Shakespeare and Company copy of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and Damned, and it’s accompanied me to every pool and beach I’ve visited this summer. It’s like reading a sophisticated tabloid about a chaotic power couple from the Jazz Age, and I’m loving every page of it.

Christina: I’m currently finishing up Jeffrey Eugenides’ Middlesex, a winding and weird story of three generations of Greek-Americans.  My grandparents were Greek immigrants so the novel is filled with nostalgia and all things YiaYia and Papou related while also fascinatingly strange. Next up: after loving Patti Smith’s memoir, Just Kids, I can’t wait to read her second offering, M Train. Her style of writing is so captivating and she gives readers a glimpse into an incredible world of art, music, and culture in the early '60s and '70s in New York City. I'm all in.

Jessi: I just started reading Ladies Who Launch by Victoria Colligan and Beth Schoenfeldt and I'm already into it. I'm a person who sets lofty goals and sometimes forgets about the baby steps it takes to get there. Here's to hoping this book can help me break it down - I'll keep you posted.