What to Expect from Snapchat Memories

Times they are a changing, at least for Snapchat. Its newest feature, Memories, is a huge step away from the of-the-moment photo and video sharing that the social media platform is known for. If you’re a Snapchat die hard, don’t fret. The new feature may deviate from the Snapchat you know and love, but the new features still feel like an overall enhancement. Before the update rolls out later this month, here’s what to expect. Here’s what to expect before the update rolls out later this month.

Memories – Save a photo to memories by clicking the downturned arrow at the bottom left of your screen. Instead of saving to your camera roll, the app now saves the snap to a photo library within the app called “Memories.” Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to directly access Memories.

Create a New Stories with Old Snaps – By saving a snap to Memories, you can add that picture to a future story. Imagine a Transformation Tuesday Story that allows you to quickly tap through the progress from weeks or even  months past to present day. You can also add new text and emojis to create a brand new story from an image you’ve already shared.

Searchable Photo Library – You know when you have that killer photo from a while back but can’t find it? Snapchat has ensured that this will never happen by adding a search bar to their camera roll. Type in a keyword to find that particular pic in seconds. Considering how many snaps we take per day this will surely come in handy. 

My Eyes Only – Within Memories, you can assign content to the “My Eyes Only” folder. Snapchat has explained this feature as a way for you to feel comfortable showing your Memories to others without them stumbling upon embarrassing or not suitable for family member pictures. What a pal, that Snapchat.