6 Thoughts from Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

Sara, BOFC Account Coordinator extraordinare and our resident foodie, was out and about at the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival this weekend. Check out her take on this epically delicious fest. 

The Atlanta Food & Wine Festival popped into town this past weekend, and with it came chef demonstrations, wine tastings, pasta making classes, and much more. Despite the weekend’s many events, I was only interested in one: the glorious tasting tents. I purchased my ticket, fasted for three days before, and hit the tents!

1. Is standing out in the 90-degree heat and 400% humidity going to be worth it? All you can indulge is great, but I can indulge in my own home with my own air conditioning.

2. Forget about air conditioning. I have a cocktail in one hand and a plate of fried goat cheese in another. This place is foodie heaven. 

3. I want to try everything, but if I eat all the food and wine the day will surely end with me exploding. I need a game plan. I’ll limit myself to only tasting gin and trying only food that sounds really, really good.

4. Plan backfired. How do you say no to a Bloody Mary paired with cheese? And sure tuna poke with radishes may not sound really, really good in this heat, but then why is the line so long? I don’t know what I was thinking. This is no time for moderation!

5. I couldn’t possibly eat another bite. I think my stomach is about to cry mutiny or just cry. I need to go, lay down, and not eat for a month.

6. Wait, what’s that booth? Caramel bacon doughnuts?! How did I not see this on my first go around? Okay, one more bite won’t kill me…