3 Reasons Why Nashville is the Perfect Weekend Roadtrip

It may be Monday, but we're already dreaming of the weekend. Again. Sometimes you just need to get out of Atlanta, and we don’t mean OTP. We mean out, out. For a weekend of fun that’s just up the road, head to Nashville. The short four-hour drive gets you out of the state without the cost of a plane ticket. Here are 3 reasons why Nashville is the perfect weekend road trip, and none of them have to do with a bachelorette party.

The drive itself is beautiful. Less than an hour up I-75 you start to see mountains. Two hours in you’ll hit scenic Chattanooga, a small town tucked in between a mountain side and a river. From then on, you float up and curve around the Smoky Mountains and see one picturesque view after another, which only helps make the ride go by faster.

Nashville is in the Central Time Zone. At first, this may not seem like anything special, but hear me out. You get off work at 5PM on Friday. You make the four-hour drive to Nashville and get in at 9PM. Not so! Through the power of time zones, its only 8PM. You have more than enough time to shed your car ride grime and hit the town.

The city has a split personality. Nashville is known as the country music capital of the world, but you can easily spend the whole weekend without listening to a single honkytonk refrain. Stop in to Patterson House, an upscale cocktail speakeasy, or head into The Big Bang, a Top 40 infused piano bar. Looking for a more traditional visit to Music City? Go to WannaB’s, a karaoke bar where you may see the next great country music singer. Focus on the word may.