Where to Get the Best Margaritas on Cinco de Mayo

We're always happy to observe a holiday where margaritas are involved. Before you decide where to go tonight for Margarita Appreciate Day—we mean, Cinco de Mayo—check out some of our favorite spots to get a round of ‘ritas. 

Taqueria del Sol has several locations around the Atlanta area, and they each have a line streaming out the door during the lunch and dinner rush. Their popularity is a credit to their deliciously simple food and margaritas. Its simplicity is what makes Taqueria’s house marg so good. It’s just the right balance of sour, salty, and tequila, and there’s no reason to mess with that perfection. 

Superica at Krog Street Market is perfect if you like your margaritas to venture a little beyond tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. Enjoy your marg frozen, on the rocks, packed with orange, or even with Mexican Coke. These margaritas stay true to the original but offer something for the more adventurous drinker.

The drink menu at Bone Garden Cantina seems to go on in an endless list of house margaritas, fresh margaritas, agave cocktails, several mezcals, and even more tequilas. Amid there marg selection is a low calorie option, which we can only assume exists so we can eat twice as much queso. They also offer a hot chile, smoky mezcal, and, of course, a classic variation.

I’m sure the house margarita as Verde is delicious, but that’s not what you should order when you sit down at their Brookhaven or Westside location. Their specialty is infused margaritas. Choose from the strawberry and jalapeño, pineapple and serrano, or blood orange and habanero for a sweet and spicy take on your favorite tequila cocktail.