Peach Season 101

It’s the beginning of peach season! The summer months aren’t complete without a stop to your local farmers market and a bag of fresh from the farm peaches. Before you break out your favorite peach recipe, you should know the difference between two types of peaches: clingstone and freestone.

The biggest difference between clingstone and freestone peaches has to do with their pits. As its name suggests, the pit of a clingstone peach literally clings to the fruit around it. When you cut a freestone peach in half, the pit easily falls off the fruit. Clingstones are harvested earlier in the year, but their difficult to remove pit make them more popular with commercial canners or someone who wants to eat a peach on its own. Freestones arrive slightly later in the season but are perfect for your favorite peach recipe. The fall-off-the-flesh stone makes it easier to quickly prep a large number of peaches. Freestone and clingstone do have one major similarity, they are both delicious and peach season wouldn’t be the same without them.