4 Apps to Watch

Slide turns your flat images into 3D GIFs

Slide turns your flat images into 3D GIFs

Keeping up with social media is an ever losing battle. Blink, and suddenly Instagram has lost its retro blue look and you can love rather than like a Facebook status. With so much to keep up with, we scoped out what’s coming next in the world of social media.

1.) Despite its rapid rise as one of the fastest growing social media platforms, Instagram has lagged behind in the analytics department – until now. Instagram will soon launch Insights, an analytics feature focused on follower demographics and post analytics. It’s fairly bare bones, compared to Facebook’s Pages, but it’s a step in the right direction.

2.) Google Spaces is what happens when you combine YouTube, Chrome, and the Google search bar. Google Spaces works a lot like Pinterest, where you create a “Space” focused on a specific interest. The main difference is that you can chat with friends, search, and share content without having to switch between apps.

3.) Capture photos like you never have before with Slide. Compose your shot with app. Then quickly move, or slide, your phone to the right or left. The app captures the photo and once you choose the focus area turns your flat picture into a 3D image.

4.) In an attempt to increase user engagement, Twitter will no longer count links and photos toward the total 140 character count. It’s a huge change to the microblogging platform that made its name with a strict character limit. The change gives you an extra 23 to 24 characters of breathing room.