Bath & Body Works Brings Back Old School Scents

Photo courtesy of Bath and Body Works Instagram, @bathandbodyworks

Photo courtesy of Bath and Body Works Instagram, @bathandbodyworks

Are you ready to smell like your 16-year-old self again? This summer, Bath & Body Works is releasing several retired scents from the late ‘90s. Jump back to a time before Honest Soap and Lush Bath Bombs. To a time when you diligently smelled each scent and wrinkled your nose in disgust or exhaled in delight. Either way your best friend had to try it too. Before we stroll any further down memory lane, here are the Bath & Body Works scents we are most excited to have back.  

Just as refreshing as a citrus fragrance but not as intense, Cucumber Melon is the perfect low-key scent. It smells clean without being over bearing, which is what you want out of a body lotion.  

Sun-Ripened Raspberry is just as sweet and fragrant as the fruit that it gets its name from. Despite being retired this scent has a dedicated following, so get your hands on a bottle quickly.

A spritz of Brown Sugar & Fig will make us believe it’s fall at any point in the year. Still, we love this warm and cozy sent.