Your New Favorite Brunch Spot: Cafe Sunflower

Say the word brunch and suddenly smiles stretch across people’s face and mimosas appear in their eyes. The joy of sleeping in and waltzing into a meal that is half-dessert, half-weekend sendoff is a feeling that can’t be matched. Next Sunday try out someplace new, and go to Café Sunflower. For 20 years, Café Sunflower has offered vegetarian and vegan dishes that even hard-core carnivores love. Brunch at their Buckhead location is no different. Here are three reasons why Café Sunflower should be your new favorite spot for your favorite meal.

1. They are the best, and we can prove it. Jezebel named Café Sunflower the “Best Vegetarian” restaurant for 2016. If you’re skeptical about a bacon-free brunch, Jezebel assures that the food is so delicious that meat eaters leave just as satisfied.

2. Their loaded breakfast burrito is the brunch dish you didn’t know you needed. Packed with tofu scramble, avocado, black beans, and wrapped in a vibrant spinach tortilla, you won’t notice that it’s completely vegan, because it’s completely delicious.

3. The restaurant’s vegetarian focus means you eat a guilt-free brunch. Owner, Lin and Edward Sun, love sharing the health benefits of a meat-free, vegetable-rich diet. Enjoy the typical brunch fare like eggs benedict and blueberry pancakes, with no detriment to your waistline.