Local Finds & Lots of Samples at Westside Provisions District Farmers Market

Photo Credit: Kathleen Atkins, Westside Provisions District Farmers Market Facebook

Photo Credit: Kathleen Atkins, Westside Provisions District Farmers Market Facebook

One of our favorite things to do on a beautiful Sunday in Atlanta is hit up the local farmers market. This weekend we stopped by Westside Provisions District Farmers Market. You’ll find local (and affordable!) produce, favorite WSPD vendors, and lots of yummy samples. Below are just a few of our favorites from Sunday.

Don’t let the name fool you. Watsonia Peaches grows a variety of organic vegetables and fruits. On Sunday, the pick of the day was bright and ripe strawberries. Their booth is everything we love about farmers markets: local produce, seasonal offerings, and fresh off the farm flavor. 

Get the West Egg Cafe experience without the West Egg Cafe wait. Dessert lovers will swoon over their booth full of cinnamon rolls, slices of caramel cake, and other pastries. This past Sunday, West Egg Chef Andrew Smith even did a soft egg scramble demonstration, which made all of our brunch dreams come true.

Preserving Place is a WSPD staple, so if you’ve never tried their jams and conserves, you must stop by their booth. Taste everything from their vanilla-packed blueberry jam to their pickled relish. We picked up a jar of Mama’s Strawberry Jam, a customer favorite and a biscuit’s perfect match.

Mad Mama Gourmet specializes in gluten-free and cream-free soups that you’ll love even if you don’t have an allergy. They only stop by WSPD Farmers Market once a month, so if you’re lucky enough to catch them, try one of their delicious soups. Their gazpacho was so refreshing we tried it two times. Okay, we tried it three times, and we have no regrets.