7 Video and Social Media Stats That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

It seems like we can barely scroll through our newsfeed before we stop to watch a video. Whether it’s a Tasty cooking session on Facebook or a mesmerizing Boomerang on Instagram, video is everywhere on social media. This influx of video isn’t news. However, the sheer volume that is being uploaded and watched by users is mindboggling. The stats below prove that not only is this video trend here to stay, but it will be a major content contender for years to come.

Now please excuse us as we watch a video on making donut chips while you keep reading.

1. It would take you 5 million years to watch all the video content that is uploaded in a single month.

2. Last year, video views doubled on Facebook from an average of 4 billion daily views in April to 8 billion daily views in November.

3. In the first 24 hours after Instagram unveiled its video feature, more than 5 million were shared.

4. Over six months, Snapchat tripled its video traffic. They now see 6 billion video views a day.

5. Users watch more than 3.25 billion hours of video on YouTube each month.

6. Last August, Periscope users watched 40 years’ worth of video each day.

7. It’s predicted that video will account for 80% of internet traffic in 2019.