Why Academe of the Oaks Works

Academe of the Oaks is Georgia’s only Waldorf high school. For those who are unfamiliar, Waldorf education is built on experiential learning with a focus on fine arts, nature, and stewardship. Named after the grove where Plato held class, Academe of the Oaks offers students a one of a kind education that helps them become well-rounded adults. Although we could go on long after the final bell, below are 5 reasons why we think Academe of the Oaks is an exceptional school.

Learn by doing

In keeping with the Waldorf tradition, Academe of the Oaks students are encouraged to “learn by doing.” Rather than simply read from a physics textbook to learn about thermodynamics, students at Academe of the Oaks use the principles of thermodynamics to create a working engine of their own.

Class trips

Each year, students go on a week-long class trip. In the past, seniors traveled to Maine to learn about costal ecology. This year, the 10th and 11th graders flew to Arizona to visit with and observe the Navajo. Each trip complements curriculum learned in the classroom, and allows students to experience the larger world around them.

The Garden

The school grounds include a flourishing garden, chicken pen, goats, and a honeybee hive. Students help tend to the animals and plants as they develop a strong connection with their environment. Academe of the Oaks also monitors its water and energy consumption and has the honor of being a certified Green School.


While some schools downsize or even eliminate their music and arts programs, Academe of the Oaks places special emphasis on it. The arts are an essential part to the curriculum, where students participate in an art or music class every year.

Exchange program

Most students have to wait until college to study abroad but not at  Academe of the Oaks. From Austria to Peru, sophomores have the opportunity to study at a Waldorf school outside of the U.S. for two or three months.