Trolls Need Not Apply at Privet

Imagine an online platform without bullying trolls, without Top Chef worthy lunchboxes, and without rom-com level engagements. A space where users can voice opinions and ask questions and are met with support and respect. Seems like internet fantasy, right? Not at Privet.

Based in the Atlanta Tech Village, Privet is an app that facilitates authentic, and most importantly, anonymous discussion. From asking how to handle your two-year-old’s grocery store tantrums to discussing whether jumpsuits are fashionably acceptable, Privet provides a safe space for open communication. Users post and respond anonymously, so there’s no fear of personal judgement. The app is also digitally and manually monitored to ensure that comments are valuable additions to the discussion.

“Privet is not a highlight reel like other social media,” co-founder and host of Atlanta Tech Edge Titania Jordan explains. Instead, it’s a safe haven from scathing comment sections and newsfeed perfection. Privet is available for iOS and Android phones, so you can privately ask and tell for yourself.