10 Facts on Twitter’s 10th Birthday

Twitter turned 10 years old earlier this week. To celebrate, here are 10 lesser known facts about the social media giant.

1. Through a combination of vowels being uncool in the mid 2000s and www.twitter.com being unavailable at the time, the site was originally called “twttr.

2. Another suggested name was “Friendstalker.”

3. The first tweet was sent by co-founder Jack Dorsey. It read, “just setting up my twttr.”

4. In its early months, there was a webpage that listed every tweet. Every single one.

5. Today, a single day’s worth of tweets would fill a 10 million paged book.

6. They now have the ability to manage 18 quintillion Twitter handles.

7. Katy Perry, the most followed person on Twitter, has more followers than Germany does people.

8. The site’s iconic blue bird is named Larry.

9. The most active country on Twitter is Saudi Arabia. 

10. It’s estimated worth is currently $30 billion, but the social media giant has yet to make a profit.