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Photo courtesy of Ringly

Photo courtesy of Ringly

For most, jewelry should be stunning, radiant, and if you’re into diamonds, your best friend. Ringly, however, thinks your jewelry should be smart. Founded in 2013, the New York based company offers cocktail rings that receive notifications from your smartphone, and unlike most wearable technology, you’ll look good wearing them.

Here’s how it works. A Bluetooth receiver embedded in each ring alerts you of all incoming notifications through a light and vibration. For the app addicted (which let’s face it, is all of us), you can choose a unique vibration and light combination for over 80 different apps. Its most striking feature, however, is its polished look. Shoppers can choose between a gold or gunmetal band, as well as an array of semi-precious center stones. Stay connected without losing any style points.

Ringly’s focus on keeping its product fashionable as well as functional is a much needed development in the world of wearable technology. Most smart watches are chunky, made of plastic, and masculine. Although this design works, Apple alone has sold more than 5 million watches, it leaves an entire demographic, mostly women, without options.

Many people who’ve worn Ringly love the look and the ability to stay in touch, while their phone is tucked away. Others aren’t so sold on the price and functionality. No matter if you’d wear it or not, it’s great to finally have a “smart” option beyond a large-faced screen and a thick rubber band.