Our 5 Favorite Memes of 2016

Another year, another round of memes to distract us from the things we should actually be doing. Here are some of our favorites from 2016.

Skai Jackson: Skai Jackson’s pre-interview picture became the meme of our passive aggressive dreams.

For many, 2016 was a brutal year. “Me at the beginning of 2016 vs Me at the end of 2016” is the best (and most hilarious) way to show how far we’ve come.

We think the Evil Kermit meme is so popular because we can all sympathize a little with how Kermie feels. He pretty much brings to light the bad parts of our self conscious that we avoid and try to ignore. Thanks to the meme, we can now blame Evil Kermit for convincing us to spend all our money, keep arguing when we know we're wrong and eat way more than we should.

Everyone's favorite childhood aardvark gets angry, too. The Arthur's Fist meme proves that even an adorable animal has to bottle up some passive aggressive feelings sometimes - this fist sums up our feelings toward 2016 pretty well.