Our Top Picks at Illegal Food

Tucked inside the heart of Virginia-Highland, Illegal Food is a must visit for anyone looking for local food and bold flavors. We stopped in this week, and had to share our favorite menu picks with you. Our biggest piece of advice? Come hungry.

To share: Do you know what Fish Sauce Caramel is? Yeah, neither did we, but after tasting the Crispy Thai Brussel Sprouts we want to slather it on everything. These little flavor bombs are so good you may find yourself wanting to order a second helping.

Something special: There are daily specials and then there are Illegal Food specials. These pop-up menu items are based on whatever Chef Steven can get his hands on that day from local vendors, and they never disappoint. For example, the steak above from Brasstown Beef is fit for Fred Flintstone and those who are Fred Flintstone at heart. 

Just for you: The Fungus Among Us is a thing to behold when is rolls out to your table. Piled high with wild mushrooms and greens, it’s the perfect blend of juicy burger and hearty veggies. This is a multiple napkin order in the best kind of way.

Something sweet: The Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Pate is a 10 out of 10 will eat again, and again, and again, and again. The silky smooth chocolate mousse has a crunchy-sweet top like a crème brulee, and the tart raspberries cut through all that decadent chocolate, which leaves you wanting more. Did we mention how much we want to eat this again? Because we do. We really do.