Weekend Wrap-Up

We're keeping our Saturday and Sunday Funday rolling right into Monday. Check out what we got up to this weekend!

Sara Porch

Sara Porch


WHEN: Friday, December 9th at 10 p.m.

WHERE: Apres Diem

WHY I WHIPPED OUT MY PHONE: The holidays are the only time of year where it's acceptable to drink hot chocolate with a touch of vodka and a mountain of whipped cream. I wanted to take advantage of that fact. 

Madie Thomas

Madie Thomas


WHEN: Saturday, December 10th at 5:15 p.m.

WHERE: Buffington's

WHY I WHIPPED OUT MY PHONE: I went down to Milledgeville to see a couple of my friends graduate from Georgia College. We ended up grabbing a few celebratory drinks and with this cute little glass and the perfect atmosphere, the picture seemed like a great way to document a dang good day. 


Erin Hadjidakis

Erin Hadjidakis


WHEN: Saturday, December 10th at 5:25 p.m.

WHERE: The Path in Decatur

WHY I WHIPPED OUT MY PHONE: I was out on my afternoon walk and noticed this hidden message from BlackCatTips just right off of The Path. I snapped a quick picture because I have always felt like I have a differed from the rest of the flock. I love this little reminder of embracing the unique qualities in myself and in all the other black sheep that live in the Atlanta area.