6 Must-Do Events This November

Poor November. Half of us just want to skip over it so we can listen to Christmas music without shame and the other half just wants to skip to its fourth Thursday so we can over indulge on turkey without shame. Let’s all take a breather, have some patience, and remember how great November can be with these must-see events.

1. Brookhaven Brunch Festival: Blood Mary and eggs benedict lovers rejoice. The first ever Brookhaven Brunch Festival is coming to satisfy all of your taste buds’ mid-morning needs on November 12th.

2. Garden Lights at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens: This is for anyone who can’t contain their holiday cheer until after Thanksgiving. Starting on November 12th, the gardens with transform nightly into an electrical extravaganza with Orchestral Orbs, an expanded Light Tunnel, and more! 

3. Decatur Wine Festival: Do we really need to explain why you should spend a Saturday sipping cab sav with your fellow winos? We didn’t think so. Head to Decatur on November 5th.

4. Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon and 5K: This is the ultimate workout now so you can over eat later. Wake up bright an early on Thanksgiving morning, and get in your half marathon, 5k, mile, or 50m dash before you head to turkey town.

5. Chomp and Stomp: All you need to know is that there is chili. Lots and lots of chili. Pro tip: Get to Cabbagetown on November 5th SUPER early to grab your spoon.

6. ICE Holiday Shopping Spectacular: If you need a reason to get your holiday shopping knocked out early, visit the 175+ vendors at the ICE Holiday Shopping Spectacular on November 19th & 20th. Check everyone off your list in one awesome shopping spree.