A Definitive Ranking of Thanksgiving Dishes

T-minus 3 days to Turkey day, and we can hardly wait! To pass the time, we’ve created the end all be all ranking of classic Thanksgiving dishes. Prepare to be stuffed.

8. Stuffing is vital to any Thanksgiving spread, but let’s be honest, who really looks forward to eating something cooked inside of a dead bird?

7. Cranberry Sauce can be really amazing if you make it from scratch, but very few of us actually do that. It’s best to keep the canned version off the table.

6. Gravy should win best supporting actor at Thanksgiving every year. Where would mashed potatoes and turkey be without its scene stealing performance? That being said, it can’t carry the entire dinner.

5. Pumpkin spice madness starts in September. By the time Thanksgiving finally rolls around, Pumpkin Pie doesn’t have the same luster as it once did. Still darn tasty though.

4. Mashed Potatoes are really just a vehicle for butter and gravy, and we are perfectly fine with that arrangement.

3. Anything that is served for dinner but has toasted marshmallows on top is fine by us. Pass the Sweet Potato Casserole, please.  

2. A Green Bean Casserole gives us stratospheric nostalgia levels. Sure, it was probably made with a can of creamed something, but it’s baked childhood memories topped with fried onions.

1. It’s called Turkey Day for a reason. Roast it, fry it, or make a tofu substitute and have a Happy Thanksgiving!