Travel Hacks for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is next week, and before you know it we’ll be decking the halls and questioning the origins of Baby It’s Cold Outside. What all that really means is that we’re in for a lot of traveling over the next month. Follow these tips to survive the holiday travel madness!

1. If you fly home for the holidays, you know how pricey airfare can get. Make sure to search for tickets in your web browser’s private mode. This prevents websites from tracking your history and jacking up the price with each visit.

2. Find a new podcast to binge on a long car ride. Not only will it make the drive fly by, but you’ll have lots of talking points to bring up around the Thanksgiving table. Pro tip: download a few episodes before you leave, so you don’t eat into your cell data.

3. If you’re traveling by plane, car, train, or rickshaw, wear the biggest, softest scarf you own. It’s an all in one blanket-pillow-accessory. No more lugging around that cumbersome neck pillow for you.

4. Pack a smaller bag that easily folds up inside your main suitcase. Stow it away on your travels to see family but then use it as a carry on when you have presents to bring back home. Le Pliage bags from Longchamp are perfect for this.

5. For road trippers, pack a cooler. Even if your drive isn’t crazy long. You’ll save money and calories by bringing your own food and drink to snack on. Plus, if you’re sent home with holiday leftovers, you’ll have a place to store them.