BOFC Travel Diary: London

Time Out London

Time Out London

Jessi, BOFC Co-Owner and British accent enthusiast, is giving us a look into one of her favorite places in the world: London. She’s been obsessed with England since middle school and finally got the opportunity to visit last November. Take a look at her top 4 stops if you find yourself looking to get away from the touristy parts of the city.

1.)   Shoreditch Box Park

This awesome strip of shops in London’s impossibly cool area of Shoreditch are all housed in shipping containers which makes for a fun and eclectic experience. Some of the stores only occupy a box for a short period of time, so the roster of shopping changes regularly. Beauty, fashion, and lifestyle addicts rejoice. This is the place for you.

2.)   The Clove Club

If incredible food, friendly staff, amazing cocktails, and a Michelin star mean anything to you, then get yourself to The Clove Club immediately. No, seriously. I’m not kidding. If you’re lucky enough to snag a reservation, request to sit near the open kitchen. It’s dinner and a show.

3.)   Nightjar

Just when you think you’ve tried every fancy cocktail option out there, you discover Nightjar. This bar is by reservation only and it’s pretty dang hard to get one. A large bouncer will escort you from the street, down the stairs, and into a dark and beautifully decorated speakeasy. I highly recommend trying the Tea in St James’.

4.)   The Trafalgar Hotel

Not only does this hotel sit pretty in one of the most beautiful places in London, Trafalgar Square, but it also boasts a gorgeous rooftop bar with a killer view of The London Eye. Out of all of the hotels in London, I have to say this one is extra special. It’s where I got engaged, after all!